Sustainability Checklist

The energy efficiency of our center is very important to us. We strive to improve them as much as possible. We try to counteract rising energy costs by using self-closing doors, the efficient use of air conditioning and regular maintenance of the technical systems.

Here are a few points from our sustainability checklist:

  • Reduce superfluous lighting  – Lighting in social rooms and storage areas should be switched off when the rooms are not being used. Especially in the Village, the window lighting can be suspended at night and on Sundays. 
  • Switching off unused devices – Devices such as computers, etc. that are not used all day and are not absolutely necessary for shop operations should be switched off if possible, provided this can be done without complications.
    • Use of energy-efficient light sources  – The use of LED light sources contributes effectively to improving energy consumption.
    • Temperature regulation  – excessive cooling of the shops leads to increased energy costs. The optimum room temperature for sales areas is 19-22 degrees, for food sales it is 18-22 degrees and for restaurants it is 20-23 degrees. If the outside temperature is particularly high (and the room temperature is permanently higher than 25 degrees), the sliding doors in the Village can of course be closed.
    • Maintenance of shop-internal systems – Regular maintenance, as well as constant upgrades and conversion to the latest technology, can improve the energy balance in the long term.