SKINY ≠ skinny
SKINY stands for cheeky, comfortable, uncomplicated bodywear, designed to be worn with love.

Once upon a time there was a family from Austria who lived far away surrounded by mountains. This family had a dream as big and mighty as their, er… own, rolling hills. That dream was to make people feel beautiful and comfortable through what’s closest to the body: underwear. It should be bold and uncomplicated, designed to be worn with love – and to fit like a second skin. SKIN for You. SKINY.

30 years later, the family has kept their promise. Because today SKINY stands for self-confidence – feeling good in your own skin, loving your body, pampering, finding it sexy and daring to let your outer shell fall – also in the truest sense of the word.

SKINY is meant for everyone.
Speak for EVERYBODY and also EVERY BODY.
Every body in. SKINY.