Kenny’s, once a small venture founded by two dedicated students in the heart of Favoriten, has evolved into a groundbreaking success. Since opening its first store in Vienna in June 2016, Kenny’s has steadily expanded, now boasting 18 locations across Vienna, Lower Austria, Carinthia, and Vorarlberg. On March 7th, at the Parndorf Fashion Outlet, Kenny’s unveiled its latest store.

What began as a humble start-up is now a thriving enterprise with aspirations for international expansion. The first international store is set to open in Baku, Azerbaijan, in April 2024.

Kenny’s is renowned for its unique freshly pressed smoothies, special Hawaiian poké bowls, delicious waffles with an extensive range of toppings & sauces, and premium cafes. The Austrian stores offer predefined signature bowls or the option to customize bowls according to individual preferences, with over 5 million possible combinations.

Sustainability and social responsibility are paramount to Kenny’s, which offers all products completely vegan. Another distinguishing feature is the exclusive hot poké bowls, available only at Kenny’s.